Friday, February 27, 2015

Tips for Working with Clays

Today I am sharing a quick tip with you and the Creative Paperclay® blog peeps on how to get out of a sticky situation.

 one day I was working with some Creative Paperclay® modelling material and a small flower mould with very pointy flower petals. I found that by applying a very very light dusting of powder into the sharp crevices of the mould I was able to pop out the Creative Paperclay® without losing any of the flower's details.

Just a quick tip that can save you lots of aggravation and time.  Go check out the blog if you too like working with air drying clay, especially creative Paperclay®, my fellow team mates on the Design team have a lot of great ideas.

Savings code for February is Two20.  Creative Paperclay® modelling material.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Planners by Annmakes

Planning and organizing is in my blood, I swear.  I have always loved to make plans and schedules, just so I could get more done!  Seriously, I have always known that the best way to ensure that you get to do as much of the things you would like to do and still deal with what life throws at you is to have some sort of plan!  Trust me, life really happens when you are busy making plans.  The key is to not just busy yourself with planning but plan so you can LIVE!  Even though I have been ridiculed for my passion for planning most of my life by those who just don't know any better I keep doing it.
I cannot stand wasting time by complaining about not having enough time to do anything!  Which is what most nay sayers do.  When I get asked "how do you do it all?" I say, I am organized!  You should try it.  Although I joke about it being in my blood, that isn't true, planning skills are learned.
So here is a tool I use to get it together in my own life.

Hope this helps someone else.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Altered Art Photo Tree Sneak Peak

Handmade home decor items are trending right now but can be a little pricey.  Today I have such a project with you that will be easy on your wallet.

It is my turn to share an Altered Art Project over at The Robin's Nest Blog.  I love working with their products, especially all those yummy and precious looking gems called Dew Drops.  I turned this plain looking wooden photo tree into a pretty piece for my home by using the Cowboy Dew Drops from The Robin's Nest.

Other supplies included Metallic paste in dark brown, strong glue, Rub ons "Family" by the Robin's Nest.

To see how I transformed and made this project you will have to follow the link over to their blog.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Eggs that Bling

Egg and Easter Craft making is what I am into these days.  I blame the retail industry for this.  I started noticing easter decorations and party supplies in the spring theme available on store shelves at the beginning of January!  OMG!  So I thought maybe I should start crafting some spring and easter themed crafts to decorate my house with.

Another  thing I have noticed is the trend for gold and metallics in home decor this year.  Nice shiny stuff.  Well, at least it helps with dealing with the cold gloomy days of winter.

I have this craft to share with you that is super easy to make.  It is very inexpensive, easy, and quick.

All you need to make these are: styrofoam eggs and metallic flat head thumb tacks.  I find both at my local dollar stores.

1.  Grab an egg and some tacks.

2. Stick the tacks into the eggs.

3. Admire.

I told you it was easy, but don't these look like they are fancy and complicated to make?  Shhh, it'll be our little secret.

I hope that you have fun crafting some cute and easy projects.  Come back soon to see what other project I have to share.  You can also follow my blog and subscribe to my video channel.  That way you won't miss a thing.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Paper that Grows

Ever wanted to make you own paper? Today I have a paper making project to share with you that is so easy, a child can do it.  Seriously, there is a kit from Arnold Grummer's® Paper Making that sells this really nifty kit geared to children that adults can have fun with too.  It is a great way to teach the process of paper making to school aged children  as well as to discuss environmental issues and study science.

This project is on the Arnold Grummer Paper Making Design Team Blog, here.
In addition to the Arnold Grummer kit you need an empty jar with a lid, some water, a few sponges or towels and a tub or container to catch the extra water.

The directions are included in the kit, and mainly consist of:
1.  adding some paper pulp to some water in a jar.
2.  To which tiny tiny pieces of coloured tissue papers are added.
3.  Finally some seeds that you would plant in a garden are added.
4.  Shake the jar.
5.  Pour the mixture over the mesh screen (over a container).  Pressing down on the pulp slightly.
6.  Flip the screen and smashed pulp mixture onto a hard surface and sponge off as much water as        
     possible and leave to dry.
7.  Once the circles are dry these can be glued with regular white school glue, to flower bases.  In the
     kit there is a flower template (that is also a holder for the screen) to use to trace a flower shape
     onto some colourful card  (also in the kit).
8.  In the kit there are wooden dowels, leaves and tags.  Which were used in this example to create
      the planter.  (The metal buckets, tray, cord, florist foam and tissue paper are not included in the
      kit and may be found in Dollar, Craft, and Department stores).

Here is a video of the project making process:

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Flower Necklace with Air Dry Clay

Handmade jewelry is  a new adventure for me and I am enjoying the journey.  More so because I get to work with Creative Paperclay® air dry modelling material.  This product is so easy to handle , dries quickly and creates such light weight items.  It is a perfect medium for making jewelry.

It is my turn over at the Creative Paperclay® blog to post as a Designer on the Design Team.  There I give full instructions as to how I actually made the  necklace. Here I can tell you what I used and give you a general idea of how I made it.

I used:
Creative Paperclay® air dry modelling material
A silicone mould from Martha Stewart (Blooms)
9 jump rings
1 eye pin
1 repurposed chain necklace
jewelry pliers and wire cutters
Smoosh enamel paint, and nail polish.

I rolled small bits of the Creative Paperclay® into balls and filled the moulds.  I let the blooms set for a few minutes before I removed them from the mould.  The flowers were left to dry over night, after which I sanded and trimmed all the extra bits.  I used some more clay to adhere some jump rings to create charms.  I cut the necklace.  I attached the charms which I had painted and given a top coat of clear sealer (Nail polish).

If you are interested in purchasing the Creative Paperclay®, and seeing more examples of projects, just click here.

Other products may be available through some of the advertisers in the sidebar.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Handmade Stamp Storage

Stamping made easier by storing them in an altered album, has been one of my many crafty goals.

Hi, today I am sharing with you and the viewers of the Robin's Nest blog how I alter store bought photo albums as storage for my craft supplies.  I like to keep my tools organized so I can create more.  I also like to repurpose items.that are given to me or that I find.

One of my storage challenges, in my very full craft room,  is my collection of stamps.  I have one particular collection that would benefit from having its own system. I have these really cute unmounted rubber stamps that fit perfectly into the slide in photo pockets of an old album.  The pockets are intended for 4" x 6" photos.  

To see the complete list of the products I used by The Robin's Nest (with links) please go by the blog afterwards. 

Here is a glimpse of my project:

I like to re-purpose many item as storage for my supplies.  In some future posts you can see my other ideas.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Lovely Canning Jar

Canning jars are so popular right now in the crafting and home decor industry that I just had to whip something up to share with my lovely viewers.  Here is a sweet jar I decorated that I think would make a lovely treat holder to give to your Valentine.

All it took was a canning jar with its two part lid, hot glue, pink and white papers, and the following Little B products:

                                                                  3mm tape 100399

                                                          "Honeycomb" punch 100366

                                                    "Garden Mums" Pull Flowers 100421
                                                                  for a video click here

                                                   "Party" Designer cutting Dies  100395

I hope that you like this quick show and tell.  Come back tomorrow when I will have another sneak peek at another altered item!

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Monday, February 2, 2015

GroundHog Day Card

It's Groundhog Day!  If you see your shadow KEEP CALM!  Yes, it means six more weeks of winter. However, on the bright side it gives us six more weeks of excuses to stay indoors and craft, craft, craft!

Today I am sharing my latest card creation with you and the viewers of the Arnold Grummer® paper making blog.  Here it is:

For starters this is what I used:
Arnold Grummer® Paper Making Kit
paper from my recycling bin: blue advertisements and white envelopes from utility companies.
Brown coloured pencils(Crayola)
A stamp of a Groundhog or Mole?  from my kids stash
Some black stamping ink (Memento)
Double sided adhesive (3m)

To begin, I used handmade papers I had made a while back using the Arnold Grummer® paper making method and kit.  Here is a link to a video explaining the method, and here is a link for purchasing the actual kit.  Note the coupon code below.

I cut an oval opening out of a pre made white card (I make the in advance from Staples card stock).  I tore strip of off white handmade paper and adhered them to the opening from the inside of the card.

I stamped what looks somewhat like a groundhog with a rubber stamp form a children's stamp set and some black ink, onto a scrap of white handmade paper.

I coloured the little guy with a mixture of brown colouring pencils.  I cut the groundhog out with some small scissors.  I adhered the animal to the back of the inside of the card.

I then took a piece of sky blue handmade paper and covered the entire back of the inside of the opening.

The groundhog sign was made with a toothpick, another scrap of white handmade paper and a black pen.  It was stuck into the snow banks with a dab of glue.

Finally I used a piece of blue twine and twill tape from my basket of scrap ribbons to decorate the lower front of the card.
Here is a quick video of the card being made:

February coupon code to save 20%! use:   Two20

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

3 Cards with 3 Things in 3 Minutes

Make some quick and easy Valentine's Day cards inexpensively.

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