Monday, April 29, 2019

How I Art Journal

Hello, I hope that you are here to learn how I go about creating in an Art Journal!  I want to inspire you to get creative and to feel free to express yourself without any rules.  The fun thing about playing in an art journal is that everything you do can be seen by as many or as few eyes as you wish.  So feel free to try things, relax, and enjoy the process.

The number one rule when doing mixed media and art journaling is to "Have Fun!"  Whether you want to play in a bound book or on loose sheets of paper, cardboard, canvas, you name it is up to you!  If you prefer to work on sheets of paper and then want to bind those pages into a journal later, go ahead!

Art journaling can be a way to keep a diary of your days, your feelings, goals, dreams and more.  I art journal because I like slapping on paints and gluing things down.  I also art journal to try out ideas I have for future canvas or 3d projects.  I create art journals to work out emotions.  There are so many reasons to make, and none have to be justified to anyone!

In the videos, I link below I talk about using a lot of Products from Pebeo.  I was given these products to try out from the company without any obligation.  Please, feel free to use whatever you want.  I always suggest using what you have first before investing in products.  I do these posts and videos because I want to share with you what works for me, and what I like.

Video: How I art Journal part 1:

Here is a list of all (or as many as I can remember) of the products I used in the videos.
                                                             THANK YOU PEBEO!
Pebeo Products:
-Studio Acrylics (available in 62 High Viscosity Colours)
 - #354 Iridescent red blue
 - #371 Fluorescent pink
 - #357 Iridescent blue-green
 - #350 Iridescent precious gold

-Studio Acrylics Modeling Paste

-Studio Acrylics Sand Textured Gel (Yellow)

-Fantasy Moon (Pearlescent opaque colours that five a hammered or marble effect, alkyd oil based)
  -#34 Chocolate

-Vitrail (Intensely luminous colour high gloss finish, alkyd oil-based)
  -#14 Yellow

-4Artist Marker (available in 18 opaque colours, oil paint markers, xylene-free)
  -Copper (4mm)

-Studio Acrylics Matte Gel

Other Products:
 -Hot Glue
 -Aleene's Tacky Glue
 -Masking tape
 -Drywall tape
 -Paper napkin
 -Sponge dauber
 -Disposable dropper
 -Acrylic gem
 -Metal embellishment
 -Metallic Brown gel pen
 -Vellum sentiments
 -Printed image
 -Used tea leaves

-Brass stencil (stash)
-Balzer Designs Mini Burst TCW 287s
-Ronda Palazzari Mini Climbing Vines TCW

Art Journal
-Water Color Papers with Discs

Video: How I art Journal part 2:

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