Friday, May 25, 2018

Upcoming Sales on Supplies

Hi, earlier this week, in a YouTube video, I mentioned that I heard there would be special sales and deals to be had in the crafting community during the US long weekend leading up to Memorial Day.
Here are some links for you to use and maybe find that one craft item you have wanted but at a lower cost.

Please note, that these include affiliate links that pay me a commission if you buy from those sites through my links.  Thank you.  However, you are not obligated to follow the links I provide and are completely free to access these sites on your own.  I am just laying them out here for you to make it easy.

Enjoy the weekend!

Annie's is having their biggest sale of the year until May 31!  Take advantage of all the great deals here, and check back as NEW stuff is listed almost every day!

                                                               Click here:  Annie's

Leisure Arts is having a great Memorial Day Weekend Sale on their Downloadable digitals and print Books!  Click Here.

crafting with felt

Cricut is having a Memorial Day Flash Sale at 40% off!  I know you don't want to miss that! Click here!

Ebates.caRemember to join Ebates and save even more money when you shop online! Click Here!
Find everyday savings at the Red White & Blue Party Supplies of

Look who else is having AMAZING sales! Sizzix!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Father's Day Craft in 15 Minutes

It's Craft Lightning Time again!  This month we are presenting Wood themed crafts that take 15 or less to make! See Link below.  Here is my project:


To see how I transformed the simple Tea Box you can watch this video:

List of materials used **Includes Affiliate links that do pay me a commission if you click and purchase from them. Thank you.

Woode Tea Box (from my stash)
Testors (Rust-Oleum) Acrylic White Gloss Paint Marker
Rust-Oleum spray paint green Gloss Protective Enamel
DecoArt Acrylic Craft Paint in White
Plastic Letter Stencil (my own)
White Colored Pencil (My Own)
Painters Tape (My own)
Wooden Golf Tees (DollarTree)
Glue (My Own)

***Other suggestions with affiliate links below:
Thank you for stopping by, and I hope that you are ins[ired to get your craft on for just 15 Minutes!  Remeber to check out all the other projects to make with wood by clicking on the Lightning Bolt above!

Stay Crafty!


Friday, May 18, 2018

Five Tips to Save Money and Do More Crafting

Often I hear from people that they find crafting to be too expensive.  I, on the other hand, know that it does not have to be that way at all.  There are many many ways to do crafts as a hobby without breaking the bank.

Today following a Live sponsored event I had to do I chose to share that same information here with you, and with a few more details. So here are my "5 Tips to Save Money and Get More Crafting In Your Life".

Tip #1.  Take advantage of sales!  Ok, that one may seem obvious to a lot of you, but surprisingly I still encounter individuals who don't ever shop sales!  I know, they are so missing out. But here's the thing, you need to shop sales but don't buy what you won't use though.  I recommend making a wish list of what you want to buy first. On that list, you may also want to list any classes you would like to take or books you want to read.  Then, look around, and stay open to the possibilities.

**I am happy to share some links to sales I currently know about from my affiliates.  Know, that buying from those links does help support all the FREE content I provide for you here on this blog and in my YouTube Videos.

Tip#2. Whenever you shop online or in store, take advantage of rewards!  Yup, get paid back for doing your shopping!  Being far from major retail stores in an urban area I depend a lot on the internet to find good deals for my arts and crafts.  I shop the sales, AND I take advantage of using a couple "Pay me to Shop" systems.  The one I use the most now is!  Whenever I shop on,, Ali Express, and others, I use my Ebates to get a percentage of the sales back as cash!  I then use that cash back to buy more crafty stuff!

Tip #3. Find Tons of FREE stuff on the internet! There are patterns, books, classes, How To's, Templates, Royalty Free Images, Inspiration.  Even some online stores have FREE content to lure you onto their site!

Tip #4. Another online shopping tip I have is to use a credit card that pays you back!  As some sites only allow you to purchase with a major credit card, why not use one that rewards you for doing so!  Also, use a rewards site like to get more money!  I use a credit card to make a lot of my purchases online, but I also make sure to repay my credit card right away so I avoid those nasty interest fees!  Then I wait and gather those points that convert into cash back, which I use towards another store's purchases!  I use a major credit card that pays me back in Walmart Rewards.  Which is perfect for me as I only shop at Walmart once in a while and when I do I tend to save a ton of money on my purchases.  I also pay back cash on my credit card purchase right in the store, so I avoid those fees.

Tip #5.  Now that you have a wish list shop from your home first!  Try to always look at your surroundings to see if you don't already have that tool or material that can be used in your craft project.  Look in the recycling bin; there's often so much paper, and cardboard alone in there to be re-used!  Look in your garage for tools that can be substituted for those expensive fancy crafting tools!  Ask your neighbors, family, and friends.  I have gotten all sorts of tools and materials just by going through my cupboards!  Repurpose old clothes into fabric, ask the neighbor if you can take those paints he has left over from their last renovation project, check with family in case they have something they can lend you.  Once word gets out that you are into crafting stuff might just start appearing at your door. LOL

**As promised here are some linkswhich if you buy from them, do help support my blog and allow me to keep giving you this FREE content.  Thank you.

Link to Ebates:
Links to Sales:


Cricut Sale: 50% off Materials Click here  Use code MAYSHIP for free shipping to US & Canada!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Paper Flowers Book Review 2 Cricut Maker Version

 Have you ever wanted to make a pretty bouquet of flowers that will last forever or at least a super long time? Are you allergic to flowers, but love to look at them?  Then maybe, you would like to try your hand at crafting some pretty paper posies!

This is NOT a financially sponsored Post, and all opinions are my own. All Products used in the project were given to me by Leisure Arts, and Cricut.

***affiliate links that remunerate me are included in this post***

I was given a copy of  Paper Flowers  10 Do-It-Yourself blossoms to brighten your world by  Jennifer Maker from Leisure Arts to review, and I had fun making projects from the book. See first blog post here:  At that time I had not yet received the Cricut Maker.

paper crafting florals

Paper Flowers is easy to read and follow, and includes a bonus!  There are six downloadable SVG files for projects in the book that can be used with a Cricut Maker.  Now, I was able to download and use the files on a Cricut Explore Air 2, AND, a Cricut Maker.   I did not notice any difference in using either machine for the cutting process. However, all the projects can be created without any Electronic die cutting machine.  All you need are paper and scissors!

Above are some of the flowers I made following the instructions in the book.  

Before my New Cricut Maker arrived I made some of the flowers using my Cricut Explore Air2.

My New Cricut Maker  cut the flowers as well and quickly as the Cricut Explore Air2.
I did try cutting some flowers by hand, and boy that took way more time than using the machines! LOL!

There are a total of ten projects in this book, that guide you into making an Anemone, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Giant Daisy, Rose, Poppy, Dandelion, Orchid, Peony, and a Giant Tea Rose.  Create your very own garden without any digging!

In any case, this book makes flower making really fun.  Check it out for yourself at Leisure Arts. Get a Digital or Paper Copy.

***All products used for this project were given to me.***

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

NEW Cricut Maker

I am so excited to share with you the unboxing of my Brand NEW Cricut Maker!  
Here is a link to buy one of your own*
* affiliate link with a commission
***Sponsored Post

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!

Video of me unboxing my NEW Cricut Maker!
Cricut gave me this machine.  All opinions expressed in this post and video are my own.

The NEW Knife Blade is Now Available at Great for wood!

The Ultimate Smart Cutting machine is the Dream Machine of the Cricut Team! The Cricut Maker comes with the Rotary Blade and Drive Housing, a Premium Fine-Point Blade and Housing, a Fine Point Pen, Fabric Grip 12" x 12" Mat, Light Grip 12" x 12" Mat, Welcome Book, USB Cable, Power Adapter, Cricut Access™ trial membership, Materials for your first project, and more.

Make your own creations from scratch or choose a pre-designed project with the Cricut Design Space Software and make Project Center beautiful DIY's.

Above is my Cricut Maker and the first two projects I just made.  At the time of filming the  Knife Blade had not arrived yet, so I will have to wait for anothe time to post about it.
                                    **Affiliate link to purchase the Cricut Maker click here.

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