Thursday, December 28, 2017

Say Goodbye to 2017 in Style and Save big for 2018

That's right the New Year filled with new possibilities and adventures awaits in just a few days!  Leave 2017 behind and embrace the opportunities of 2018 with a bang!  Have a party, or make a fun family get together.  Any way you chose, you can celebrate with Dollar Tree and save money!

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               Links to more videos available through  Dollar

One of the easiest ways to decorate is with using the many glass vases that  Dollar Tree has to offer

              How about the snacks!  Some would even say that's the most important thing of any get-together!

However, you chose to greet the New Year just stay safe!  Don't Drink and Drive, and don't Text and Drive either!

                                                                                May your Holidays be Bright. 

                                                           Happy New Year!


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Easy DIY Poinsettia Pen Bouquet

Make some quick and easy gifts with a few supplies, within minutes!  Create one blooming pen or make a bouquet.  The following is a practical as well as a pretty present to give or keep these for your list writing.

The supplies I used are readily available at this time of year in many stores.  I will include links to facilitate your shopping experience this Holiday season.  Note, that clicking on any of my added links will pay me a small commission if you buy from the sites linked.

View the following video to see just how easy it is to make the  Poinsettia pens.

Please check all the beautiful projects and ideas for your Holiday Crafting by my fellow Crafty Bloggers!

Poinsettia Stems (Link to DollarTree)
Green Florist Tape ( Link to Dollar Tree)
or Green Electrical Tape (Link to DollarTree)
Wire Cutters (Link to DollarTree)

1. Cut one stem about four inches long.
2.  Attach stem to pen with tape.
3.  Wrap, and wrap tape around pen from top to bottom. Cut tape.

Have fun crafting many pens and other easy 15 Minute crafty gifts for your friends, and family.

Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Easy Cricut Made Holiday Decor

Craft and create beautiful and straightforward Home Decor with your Cricut.  With any Cricut and access to Cricut Design Space™, you can do thousands of projects; See all the Free Projects in Cricut Design Space!  I thought you might like to make something that looks like you spent a lot of time, effort, and money to decorate your home for the Holidays, without paying much and minimal effort.  What do you think?

**Sponsored posts by Cricut, I blog for them.  Also, Includes Affiliate links that pay me when you buy something from them.

I love this project when I saw it on the Cricut Design Space™ Design Space site; it is a Make it Now project which takes only 30 minutes to make, with few supplies.

The pieces I made are a slight variation of the project on the Official Cricut Design Space™ site, but I wanted to show you how you can work with the proposed projects and make them work with the materials you already have.

All I needed to make these (Besides my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine) was some cardstock and a few frames from the Dollar store! Easy peasy!

 I link up my laptop directly to my Cricut with a USB cable only because the wifi in my house is unreliable in my current office.  If you own a Cricut (any Cricut) that is wifi compatible than you can connect wirelessly as well.  Otherwise, use a USB cable.  All the Cricuts New And Old work with Cricut Design Space™.

 I link up my laptop directly to my Cricut with a USB cable only because the wifi in my house is unreliable in my current office.  If you own a Cricut (any Cricut) that is wifi compatible than you can connect wirelessly as well.  Otherwise, use a USB cable.  All the Cricuts New And Old work with Cricut Design Space™.

The Cricut does all the fussy cutting for you within seconds!  What a time saver!

You can make this too, and all you need to do is go to the Cricut Design Space™ search for Holiday Decor ideas, scroll down and pick a project.  Then follow the directions included. Place cardstock on a mat, load into the machine, and press Go!  Some assembly is required to put your project together, but does not require a fancy tool!

Hope that you enjoy preparing for the upcoming Holiday season, and find many ways that crafting with Cricut can make life easier!

   Happy Crafting, and Happy Holidays!


Monday, October 30, 2017

Dollar Tree Ornament DIY With Annmakes

Make the cutest ornament for the candy lover or the mason jar fan in your life with this ornament.  View my video below for more information.  Shop for the Holidays at Christmas at the Tree on

I was compensated for this post and video.  Affiliate links are included and will pay me a small commission if purchases are made from these links.


Supplies used:

Plastic Pint Jar Ornament (in store)  DollarTree

These are very easy to make and inexpensive.  All one needs to do is fill the jar with candy.  Tie a ribbon bow to the top.  Make many and give!  Make a lot of people happy, or decorate your tree with a dozen of these!  Fill them with anything!

They are fun, original, and will bring a smile to everyone.  Look for many other Holiday DIY's, and ideas on  Christmas at the Tree on

Enjoy the holidays!  Happy Crafting.

DIY Snowglobe for the Holidays

Make a cute snowglobe quickly and inexpensively with supplies bought at a dollar store.  I recently found all I needed to do the project below, with items I purchased at the  Dollar Tree.
Check your local store, or visit Christmas at the Tree on (shipping to the USA only).

                                                ** I was compensated for this post.  It contains affiliate links which may pay me for purchases made.

                                                                         Link to Video

Supplies Used (with links to affiliate links which pay me a commission for your purchases made)
Small toys (my own)
Shatterproof Plastic Snowglobe (in store)
Hot Glue
Foam (recycled from packaging)

1.  Cut foam into a circle to cover the base of the seal.  Cut a second piece of foam with decorative scissors.
2.  Attach foam band to circle.
3.  Sand seal base lightly.
4.  With hot glue adhere the foam pieces to the base inner seal.  Glue the toys.  Let set 24 hours.
5.  Add some glitter inside the globe.  Pour in water.
6.  Seal base to globe and screw lid on.  Glue piece of ribbon to the rim.

Make your Holidays Happy with  Dollar Tree, find so many gift ideas, wrapping, cards, candies, and so much more.  Happy Crafting, and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

DIY Holiday Home decor with Dollar Store Supplies

Decorating for the Holidays made more accessible and cheaper with Do It Yourself crafting with supplies from the DollarTree.

                                                                         Link to Video

I was compensated for this post.  This post also contains affiliate links, and I will be paid if you make any purchases after clicking these links.

To make this table decor all the supplies you need are available at your local Dollar Tree for 1$ US or $1.25 CDN.  Many items can also be purchased from the Christmas at the Tree of  Click here for a direct link.

Here is a list of the products used to do a similar project.  Clicking on these links will compensate me if you make a purchase, so Thank you!

List of Products:
Silver Plated Nickel Trays
Craft Cone
Link to Ornaments (Reindeer Ornament available in store)
Artificial Pine Floral Pick
Artificial Snow
Hot Glue

Step 1: Begin by coating the Craft Cones with Adhesive, sprinkle on Glitter and let dry.
Step 2: Adhere all products ( Craft Cone ,Ornaments (Reindeer Ornament available in store),
Artificial Pine Floral Pick )to the Silver Plated Nickel Tray using Hot Glue.
Step 3:  Add the Artificial Snow, or use cotton balls that are taken apart and glued to tray.

An easy project for you to do during a busy time of year.

Thank you for stopping by.  Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How To Make Planner Paper Clips for December

Hi, today I have such an easy, inexpensive and quick DIY for you.  All you need can be found at your local Dollar Tree.  Plus, BONUS, if you live in the US you may order directly from! Where Christmas at the tree is only 1$.

                                                                  Link to Video

I have provided direct links for you below.  Remember, purchasing from those links does compensate me with a wee bit of change.  So Thank you in advance.

Wow!  What a time saver it is for you to be able to order large quantities of high items including products for your Christmas crafting.  All sold at USD 1$.  or  $1.25 CDN in stores.

Here are my easy peasy Planner Clips:

All I needed to make these are:

Paperclips (click for link)
Sheer Ribbons (click for link)
Glue Sticks (click for link)
Craft Paper (click link)
Christmas Themed Paper Bags (purchased in store)

-Cut some large circles or scalloped circles using a paper punch (optional).
-Cut circles or any shape from the paper bags (or any paper product with a Christmas
-Add some pieces of sheer ribbon with a dab of hot glue.
-Add and Glue the Christmas Design to the solid colored paper circle while covering the ribbon ends.
-Adhere to a paper clip.

Stay tuned for an upcoming video on how to make these.

 **I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

How to Halloween Necklace with Amazing Casting

The leafs are changing colors here and have started to fall.  It is my favorite time of year.  Soon Halloween will be upon us, and it is one of my most favorite holidays!  Every year we decorate with lots of pumpkins around the house inside and out.  For this year I will have a Pumpkin Necklace to wear.

For October Amazing Casting Products by Alumilite Corporation challenged the makers of the Designer Crafts Connection to create some "Spooktacular" jewelry!

We were given Amazing Clear Cast Resin to mark the NEW release of the 8oz size, AND the Alumilite Dye (mine in Orange) and Alumidust colorants (mine in Pewter and Pearl). Information about these products is available through these links:

                                                 Coupon Code at bottom

How I made the Pumpkin Necklace:

1.  Using equal amounts of Tub A with Tub B of molding Putty, and kneading for a few minutes until the two colors become one.

2.  Mold around a pumpkin embellishment.  Let mold set.

3.  Mix equal amounts of the two liquids from Amazing Casting. I added a couple of drops of Orange Dye.  Pour Resin into the mold and let set overnight.  Remove new Resin Pumpkin from Mold.

4. Glue some gems for the eyes and nose.  Add some Pewter Alumidust to define the Pumpkin's indentations.

5. Using a 1" circle paper punch make a circle from cardstock, cover it with some Washi paper.  Adhere into a Bottle cap pendant.  Glue pumpkin in a cap.  Add some bright glue to set everything.  Attach to a chain.  Glue on a small ribbon bow.

                                                         Happy Halloween!

But, first Happy Hopping to the other Designers' Blogs to see their "Spooktacular"  projects.

Ann Strecko Koeman (That's me!)

Friday, September 29, 2017

Spooky Candles for Halloween

Halloween is my favorite event to decorate for, and every year I add to my very large collection of decorating items.  New, this year are some spooky and safe candles to be used for our Halloween and just scary decorating!

**I was compensated for this post.  This post also contains affiliate links for which I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.  Thank you. **

Gather the following supplies:

                           Spider Web with Plastic Spiders, 2-oz. Bags

                                       Floral Garden Jute Cord, 3-yd. Rolls

                                     Shop Scary-Good $1 Halloween Deals at

                                  Begin by installing two batteries in each LED Plastic candles.

                          Follow that by measuring two pieces of ribbon for the candle stick base.  Attach
                          these with some hot glue.

                                                      Add a jute bow over the ribbon.

Finally, hot glue some plastic Halloween Creatures to the candle sticks. Note: some of the creatures used in my project were purchased at my local DollarTree.

                                                                             Have fun.

                                                     Thank you for stopping by.  Stay crafty!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Weave a Web of Lights for Halloween

With just a few items from the DollarTree, I made this really fun and creepy decoration to use on Halloween night. If you want to make this visit your local DollarTree.  Better yet if you are in the US, you can shop online at Shop Scary-Good $1 Halloween Deals at 

**I was compensated for this post.  This post contains affiliate links for which I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**

Directions to make one:

Step one =  Gather all the supplies you will need.  See the list below.

Step two = Insert string of lights and webbing into a vase.

Step three = adjust webbing into a pleasing arrangement.

Step four =  add plastic spiders.

Step five = Insert batteries (2 x AA) into compartment.  Turn the switch on.  Enjoy!

List of products used:

Glass Cylinder Vases, 7.25 in.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Witch's Eyes in Brine for Halloween

Make your own creepy and spooky faux ingredients for a witch's pantry or apothecary for Halloween, and mystify your guests!

Easy to make with items which can be found at the DollarTree, and Shop Scary-Good $1 Halloween Deals at 

** I was compensated for this post.  This post also contains affiliate links for which I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


Using a glue gun and some hot glue sticks, adhere a creature to an eye. Repeat.

Separate ring from canning lid.  place cupcake liner over snap lid.  Reinsert into ring.

Fill a cup with water and add some food coloring. Mine is green.

Stir and pour into jar. Cover and screw on lid.

Wrap jute cord around neck of jar, secure with glue.

Cut cover off of notebook.  Cut a piece of tulle.  Scrunch tulle slightly and glue to back of notebook cover.

Cut stick part of cupcake pick, so all you  are left with is te witch hat.  Glue the hat onto the cover of the notebook.

Punch a hole in the corner of your new tag, and insert some jute.  Attach to jar.

Items Used.
Plastic Ping Pong Eyeballs, 12-ct. Packs
Glass Canning Jars with Lids, 16 oz.
Floral Garden Jute Cord, 3-yd. Rolls
Crafter's Square Sparkle Tulle Mesh Ribbon, 3-yd. Rolls
Crafter's Square Mini Hot Glue Sticks, 20-ct. Packs

Halloween note pad (in store)
Halloween cupcake liner (in store)
Food Coloring (in store)
Plastic Haloween Creatures (in store)

   Make one or several of these, they are so easy and fun.Thank you for stopping by.  Shop Scary-Good $1 Halloween Deals at   and, go get crafty!

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!