Thursday, September 27, 2018

DIY Craft Stencils and Masks with Hot Glue

It's Hot Glue Tips time!  that's right, check out all the fabulous Hot Glue Crafts that you can make with your Glue Gun and Sticks.  It's fast, fun and easy. *Affiliate links included*

In this video I show you how easy it is to make your very own stencils, masks, and stamps for your crafting and art making needs with just your glue gun!  I warn you it's easy and addictive. LOL.  So just be careful when working with hot glue as it can burn your fingers.  DON'T touch the hot glue or the tip of the Glue Gun when it is hot!  Keep a bowl of cold water nearby just in case you do get glue on your skin, or wear protective fingers mitts.  Trust me!  Use adult supervision with children.


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                                                                           I  use this glue Gun.


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