Thursday, December 28, 2017

Say Goodbye to 2017 in Style and Save big for 2018

That's right the New Year filled with new possibilities and adventures awaits in just a few days!  Leave 2017 behind and embrace the opportunities of 2018 with a bang!  Have a party, or make a fun family get together.  Any way you chose, you can celebrate with Dollar Tree and save money!

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               Links to more videos available through  Dollar

One of the easiest ways to decorate is with using the many glass vases that  Dollar Tree has to offer

              How about the snacks!  Some would even say that's the most important thing of any get-together!

However, you chose to greet the New Year just stay safe!  Don't Drink and Drive, and don't Text and Drive either!

                                                                                May your Holidays be Bright. 

                                                           Happy New Year!