Friday, September 29, 2017

Spooky Candles for Halloween

Halloween is my favorite event to decorate for, and every year I add to my very large collection of decorating items.  New, this year are some spooky and safe candles to be used for our Halloween and just scary decorating!

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Gather the following supplies:

                           Spider Web with Plastic Spiders, 2-oz. Bags

                                       Floral Garden Jute Cord, 3-yd. Rolls

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                                  Begin by installing two batteries in each LED Plastic candles.

                          Follow that by measuring two pieces of ribbon for the candle stick base.  Attach
                          these with some hot glue.

                                                      Add a jute bow over the ribbon.

Finally, hot glue some plastic Halloween Creatures to the candle sticks. Note: some of the creatures used in my project were purchased at my local DollarTree.

                                                                             Have fun.

                                                     Thank you for stopping by.  Stay crafty!

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