Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Witch's Eyes in Brine for Halloween

Make your own creepy and spooky faux ingredients for a witch's pantry or apothecary for Halloween, and mystify your guests!

Easy to make with items which can be found at the DollarTree, and Shop Scary-Good $1 Halloween Deals at 

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Using a glue gun and some hot glue sticks, adhere a creature to an eye. Repeat.

Separate ring from canning lid.  place cupcake liner over snap lid.  Reinsert into ring.

Fill a cup with water and add some food coloring. Mine is green.

Stir and pour into jar. Cover and screw on lid.

Wrap jute cord around neck of jar, secure with glue.

Cut cover off of notebook.  Cut a piece of tulle.  Scrunch tulle slightly and glue to back of notebook cover.

Cut stick part of cupcake pick, so all you  are left with is te witch hat.  Glue the hat onto the cover of the notebook.

Punch a hole in the corner of your new tag, and insert some jute.  Attach to jar.

Items Used.
Plastic Ping Pong Eyeballs, 12-ct. Packs
Glass Canning Jars with Lids, 16 oz.
Floral Garden Jute Cord, 3-yd. Rolls
Crafter's Square Sparkle Tulle Mesh Ribbon, 3-yd. Rolls
Crafter's Square Mini Hot Glue Sticks, 20-ct. Packs

Halloween note pad (in store)
Halloween cupcake liner (in store)
Food Coloring (in store)
Plastic Haloween Creatures (in store)

   Make one or several of these, they are so easy and fun.Thank you for stopping by.  Shop Scary-Good $1 Halloween Deals at   and, go get crafty!

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