Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pretty Pet Collar for Halloween

Love your pet, and Halloween?  Then there is a quick and inexpensive project that you can make for both.

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Here is my Purrfectly posed Pussycat.

To make the purfect collar, begin with a collar.  Adjust it, so it fits your kitty.  Add a bit more length to account for the thickness of all the ribbons.


Sheer Bright Ribbon in orange, and black
Cat collar in  orange or black


1. Cut the ribbons into 8 inch long pieces.

2. To keep tips from fraying you can add some "Fray Check" or clear nail polish, or even glue to cut edges.

3. Tie each piece of ribbon to the collar, alternating colors as you go.

**Warning, this is intended as a decorative piece for your pet to wear for a short period. Do not leave your pet unattended with this collar for too long.

I hope that you enjoy this project and are inspired to do your own craft projects for Halloween.  Remeber, you can find all the supplies I used at your local Dollar Tree, and even online at DollarTree.com.

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