Monday, October 30, 2017

DIY Snowglobe for the Holidays

Make a cute snowglobe quickly and inexpensively with supplies bought at a dollar store.  I recently found all I needed to do the project below, with items I purchased at the  Dollar Tree.
Check your local store, or visit Christmas at the Tree on (shipping to the USA only).

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Supplies Used (with links to affiliate links which pay me a commission for your purchases made)
Small toys (my own)
Shatterproof Plastic Snowglobe (in store)
Hot Glue
Foam (recycled from packaging)

1.  Cut foam into a circle to cover the base of the seal.  Cut a second piece of foam with decorative scissors.
2.  Attach foam band to circle.
3.  Sand seal base lightly.
4.  With hot glue adhere the foam pieces to the base inner seal.  Glue the toys.  Let set 24 hours.
5.  Add some glitter inside the globe.  Pour in water.
6.  Seal base to globe and screw lid on.  Glue piece of ribbon to the rim.

Make your Holidays Happy with  Dollar Tree, find so many gift ideas, wrapping, cards, candies, and so much more.  Happy Crafting, and Happy Holidays!

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