Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Eggs that Bling

Egg and Easter Craft making is what I am into these days.  I blame the retail industry for this.  I started noticing easter decorations and party supplies in the spring theme available on store shelves at the beginning of January!  OMG!  So I thought maybe I should start crafting some spring and easter themed crafts to decorate my house with.

Another  thing I have noticed is the trend for gold and metallics in home decor this year.  Nice shiny stuff.  Well, at least it helps with dealing with the cold gloomy days of winter.

I have this craft to share with you that is super easy to make.  It is very inexpensive, easy, and quick.

All you need to make these are: styrofoam eggs and metallic flat head thumb tacks.  I find both at my local dollar stores.

1.  Grab an egg and some tacks.

2. Stick the tacks into the eggs.

3. Admire.

I told you it was easy, but don't these look like they are fancy and complicated to make?  Shhh, it'll be our little secret.

I hope that you have fun crafting some cute and easy projects.  Come back soon to see what other project I have to share.  You can also follow my blog and subscribe to my video channel.  That way you won't miss a thing.

Thanks for stopping by.  Keep on Craftin'.

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