Monday, February 16, 2015

Paper that Grows

Ever wanted to make you own paper? Today I have a paper making project to share with you that is so easy, a child can do it.  Seriously, there is a kit from Arnold Grummer's® Paper Making that sells this really nifty kit geared to children that adults can have fun with too.  It is a great way to teach the process of paper making to school aged children  as well as to discuss environmental issues and study science.

This project is on the Arnold Grummer Paper Making Design Team Blog, here.
In addition to the Arnold Grummer kit you need an empty jar with a lid, some water, a few sponges or towels and a tub or container to catch the extra water.

The directions are included in the kit, and mainly consist of:
1.  adding some paper pulp to some water in a jar.
2.  To which tiny tiny pieces of coloured tissue papers are added.
3.  Finally some seeds that you would plant in a garden are added.
4.  Shake the jar.
5.  Pour the mixture over the mesh screen (over a container).  Pressing down on the pulp slightly.
6.  Flip the screen and smashed pulp mixture onto a hard surface and sponge off as much water as        
     possible and leave to dry.
7.  Once the circles are dry these can be glued with regular white school glue, to flower bases.  In the
     kit there is a flower template (that is also a holder for the screen) to use to trace a flower shape
     onto some colourful card  (also in the kit).
8.  In the kit there are wooden dowels, leaves and tags.  Which were used in this example to create
      the planter.  (The metal buckets, tray, cord, florist foam and tissue paper are not included in the
      kit and may be found in Dollar, Craft, and Department stores).

Here is a video of the project making process:

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