Friday, September 14, 2012

My Scrapbooking Design note book

Oops, here is the second part of the post.
I often get asked where do I get my ideas.  People wonder if I pull them out of thin air or do I follow some sort of rule book that no one else knows about.  The reality is that I get the ideas everywhere!  Inspiration is all around me, in my own life, what I see in movies, read in books, going shopping, at a Dr's appointment, waiting for my kids, the Internet, my garden, nature, and other people's works.
Then there are my notebooks, journals, idea files and bits of paper with nearly indecipherable writings!
I read a lot of magazines and books and most have at least one of those sticky papers sticking out the top. I mark the pages that inspire me with, well, anything.  What I read on my Ipad that is of interest gets noted usually on another sticky back paper and then goes into one of my notebooks.
Today I am posting about one of my scrapbooking notebooks.  I may start a new notebook for every full album project I have in mind, such as a vacation that we took hundreds of pictures for.  I also have other notebooks or sketch books for just layouts or single pages.  Here I am showing you a sketchbook that I am using for single and double page layouts in 12 x 12 format.  I  will quickly sketch an idea for a page having certain pictures in mind.  I will search through my stash for just the right combinations of papers and make notes of these choices in my sketch book.  I figure out which layers are which and how I want to cut each one. Ni make all these notes because often I don't have the time to scrapbook my page right there so having all these notes means I am ready for the next time I have available.  By the way all the supplies I have chosen get put into a clear pocket file  and is labeled with a reference to my notebook.

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