Friday, October 5, 2012

Green House

During the last week I have been dealing with a sinus cold and my head has been well not up to par.  But today i wanted to show off my latest big project that i ,built well my husband did the major part but I assisted, ahem!  Ta da.  A greenhouse.  I have always wanted one of these and now that has happened. It is so cute and incredibly spacious inside.  I set up a shelving system and my husband assembled a stainless steel work table.  It gets to be over 120 degrees in there!  it is hot.  So I also installed a screen to let the light in but reduce the heat.  Now for the plants....that is coming.  Ok so I know some may wonder what does this have to do with mixed media?  Well, everything.  Plants and flowers often inspire my works.  Plus I need to feed my family and myself in order to be able to be creative.  Do you know that I have not had to buy any fresh vegetables all summer.  I started buying from the grocery store just last week.  And that was for stuff i couldn't grow myself.  This was a great year for the cukes, tomatoes and brussel sprouts.  But lousy for carrots and potatoes.  And alot of my flowers did pretty well until they were eaten by those Japanese Beetles.  And that was in my garden.  I hope to be able to over winter some of my hardier potted flowers and tropically inclined plants in the greenhouse as well as have a better system for starting my seeds next spring.

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