Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mini Book with Cricut

Annmakes books too!  I have a love of books.  Reading, collecting and writing in books and about books wasn't  enough.  I had to learn to make some.  Using the Cricut and the art cartridge "Mini Books" makes little book making fun and quick.  

For this project I tried to use just my Cricut and the 6" x12" mat.  I was able to cut out the cover, spine, and several of the pages.  However, I had to use my Cricut Imagine with its larger 12x12" mat, to cut the envelopes and folder that are available.  So for anyone with a regular 6x12, you can still use this cartridge but not for the larger cuts.  Also, by using the Gypsy I was able to manipulate the images to fit better onto the mat.

From then on, by using the 12 x 12 mat and some colourful papers I made this pretty book.

The papers I chose are all from Lily bee and the designer: Kristen Young.  They were part of the same collection.  I used my Gypsy so I could manipulate the images on the mat to use up as much of each sheet as possible. I could have also used the paper saver option.  So it is not necessary to take the extra step to save on paper.  Plus you can use up the left overs in other projects.
I chose to use binder rings so I can add more pages later.  In the instructions from the cartridge booklet, they demonstrate gluing the pages and spine. However, in the cutting process the four  holes are cut automatically.  I think that it is implied that one should use rings or hand stitching.

This was an easy project that looks like it was complicated.  Gotta love that!  In another blog I will show some other of my handmade books.  I hope you have fun making these books.  Thanks for looking.

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