Friday, September 25, 2015

How I save Some time in the Craft Room

Hi, how would you like to feel like you are getting more crafting done in less time?  Well, here is something I try to do as much as I can.  Today over at the Creative Paperclay® Blog where I am a Designer, I share one of my tips to save time.  I find that this tip is applicable to many areas of crafting and more.

My tip is about making batches of embellishments in advance.  Yes, just like cooking meals in advance I do that with some crafting.  Since I use Air Drying Creative Paperclay® in a lot of my creations I like to play with the clay and make a lot of things.  This way I make one mess and I have one clean up to do.

In addition I then have a bunch of clay  embellishments ready to be added to my projects with little prep work needed.

I like to take the Creative Paperclay®  and my big box of moulds out and go to town making a lot of small and medium size embellishments, beads, and jewelry pieces.  Playing with the clay is very therapeutic and just creating objects with no predetermined plan set is very relaxing.

As I said before, this tip applies to many types of crafting, it is fun, and a great way to save some money by making your own embellishments.  Also, I find that cooking food in batches saves me much time too.  At least more time for crafting!

I hope that you are inspired to create more and more now that you have these tips.

Thank you for stopping by.

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