Friday, November 27, 2015

How to use Creative Paperclay®

Hi, today I am sharing some of my tips about working with Creative Paperclay®, the air drying modelling material.  I am on their Design Team and I get to make all sorts of projects with this great product.  If you check out this link here you can read all about my tips for today's post.

Once the CP dries it is very light weight and its finished texture is paper like.  So, depending on how thick your project is, it is possible to manipulate the dried clay almost like thick paper!    Meaning that you can cut it with a pair of scissors, make holes in it with a punch, even make some (only on thin pieces) die cuts.  Ok, the last one might not be a good thing to do and could nullify any warranty on the dies or machine!!  But, my point is that this stuff is really fun to work with.

I have coloured the damp CP and the dry one with so many different mediums: paint, inks, colouring pencils, and pastels.  Similar to colouring paper!

That's it for today.  Thanks for stopping by.

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