Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  If you need a really easy but pretty card how to, here is one.  I am a mom and I know I would love receiving this from my own boys.

I made a card similar to this one for Cinco de Mayo, just turn the card the other way and follow the directions here:

I made this card using Oly*Fun Fabrics from Fairfield world, some adhesive(both received free) and a blank pre-folded card base I purchased.

Oly*Fun is a multi-purpose craft material.  You can cut the fabric easily, it does not fray, it is water repellant, and you can use it for indoor or outdoor projects.  Available in lots of colours, including some metallics.  Purchase it by the sheet, package, or even bolt.  Visit the Fairfield World site here.

Note:  I am a Brand Ambassador for Tombow and receive free products regularly from them.  I am a Designer with Fairfield and I received the materials free.

Thank you for stopping by, and may you enjoy the spring weather.  Remember to leave some commenting love below.  You can also stay informed of my crafting projects by following my blog or checking out my other social media such as videos on youtube. (

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