Friday, December 9, 2016

Dollar Store Wreath Craft by Annmakes

Wreath making time with Annmakes and Dollar $tore supplies!  Make it quick too.  Inexpensive, and easy.  What more can you ask for?  It will WOW your visitors this Holiday Season.

Supplies were purchased by me at Dollar Tree, and Dollarama here in Canada.
2 Foam Wreaths
2 Sprigs berries (gold, and platinum)
2 large single metallic poinsettias on clips
2 birds on a branch
1 card of small poinsettia gift toppers (Dollarama)
ALOT of plastic ball ornaments  that are sold in tubes at the Dollar Tree, different sizes.
Note: not all of the supplies I show in the video were used to make these wreaths.

Ribbon, I already had (saw very similar rolls at Dollar Tree)
Glue, and Glue Gun by AdTech (mine)
Pins (mine)

To make each wreath, begin by wrapping the ribbon around the foam base (this is optional).  Tip* I used some pins to secure the ends of the ribbons while I wrapped the base.  I removed the pins just before gluing at the end.

Glue on ornaments, it doesn't matter how.  I prefer, to begin with, the larger ones and fill in with the smaller ornaments.

Glue on berries, flowers, and bird.

To hang cut length of ribbon needed to simply wrap around top portion.  I was able to tuck it in between the ornaments,


Thank you for viewing, and reading!  Happy Holidays!

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