Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Fever

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Spring is apparently here, and I have a fever! Although, in our area, we have doubts considering how cold it has been, and that we still have a lot of snow left on the ground.  Nonetheless, we are all itching to get outside and enjoy the longer days filled with the sunshine.

To get ready for Spring Time Events, and even early summer times.  We are cleaning, purging, sprucing up our homes.  We also are planning about how we want to relax and have fun during those long weekends.

Fortunately, with stores like Dollar Tree, it is more affordable to pull off our outside shenanigans.  And, if you have a US address then you can even shop online!

If I could order things from the Dollar tree, to have delivered to my home to help me with all our plans and prepping, here is a sampling of what I would get.

Pink Plastic Flamingos at Pink Flamingoes by the case!  I did say I have a Spring Fever!  Really!  We would certainly be the talk of the neighborhood if we planted those pink birds out on our front yard.  Ok, maybe only temporarily like to announce a garage sale or celebrate something.  But, how fun would that be?

For the kiddos, it would be great to order, EZBreezy Licensed Character Kites at They can have fun for cheap, and the parents can use the extra change for....

Royal Norfolk Paisley Print Stoneware Plates at These are just a few of my fun ideas I came up with.  Please share your own Spring Fever ideas in the comments below.

In an upcoming video, I will be sharing a tour of my Craft Room/Studio.  But first I have to clean!
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