Sunday, July 16, 2017

Make a Back To School Homework Helper

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Back To School season is in full swing!  Stores are getting their shelves stocked and ready for the massive onslaught of consumers who will want to buy everything their students need.  Many kiddos will want the latest and greatest regarding designs and styles for their brand new supplies.  All of this can add up to a significant expense, and headache for a lot of parents.  Then once school begins, the dreaded homework will slowly creep back into their lives as well.  Be ready this year by creating your own Homework Helper!

 If your kitchen table is THE place where everyone gathers to do their homework, then why not have one tote to coral ALL the supplies every one will need to finish their homework assignments in a flash and get the dinner table cleared off in the blink of an eye!

Begin by collecting some cardboard boxes, and gather some tools.  Something to cut the cardboard, and tape with, adhesive, and duct tape.  A marking tool is also useful.

Arrange the boxes into a working arrangement to create your caddy.  For this project, one long narrow box, two juice containers, and one shallow tray were used.

The next step is to cut down the boxes to size.  This will depend on the types of boxes you gather. Pleasantly arrange your receptacles, mark where things will go.  Make any adjustments necessary.

When you are confident where everything will go just begin taping all the sides of each box that you want to alter the look of.
                                                                                                                                                                    Adhere each component into the primary container.

Cover the entire outside area with duct tape.  Add two handles with the rope.  Finally, glue one long piece of string around the whole box.

View all the steps in the following video:


Many of my Crafty Friends are sharing 15 Minute How To's for Back To school this week, please check out their projects.

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