Friday, October 26, 2018

Dollar Store Christmas Card Crafting

Save money by purchasing your craft and card making supplies at  Dollar Tree  ! That's right you can find blank cards, papers, embellishments, adhesives and more at your favourite dollar store, save money and make more cards!  Or, buy a box of the ready-made cards like I do, you get so many for so little...and turn these ready-made simple cards into some beautiful with a handmade touch card!

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Begin with ready-made cards from  Dollar Tree. Here's a link to some cards


Next using scissors that can cut fine details cut out all the elements you like from a second card.

Select which elements you wish to enhance.  Use dimensional foam adhesives to attach said pieces onto another card by layering over the same image or letters.

 Another step is to add glitter to specific areas to add some interest.

 Thirdly, think about using the design of the card itself to influence how you can add to its appearance.  For example, in this situation, I chose to wrap some embroidery thread in and around the letter "O" in the word season before sticking it down with the dimensional foam adhesive.

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See more in this video:

                     Find your supplies at the Dollar Tree and online at Dollar

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