Friday, July 12, 2013

Fake it Fridays, # 2, Stamp Storage.

Hi, last week I explained my techniques and recipes for homemade stamp cleaning solutions.  Today I am showing you how I made my own fancy dandy flat stamp storage system for just a few dollars.  Now, I love all those pretty scrapbook storage systems that are sold out there, but sometimes they are either a little out of my budget or I just can not get hold of one where I am, so I come up with alternatives.

Here is my homemade version of a spinning rack storage system.

To make this I purchased a paper towel holder, three very large binder rings and ALOT of page protectors.  I used paper and card stock I had on hand to put inside each page protector to make them sturdier.  I then inserted my collection of flat rubber and clear stamps in the pages, I also used some binder page divider pages to separate into categories:  Flowers, Shapes, Holidays, etc.  There are hundreds of pages and this system could handle more.  I sit it on a flat surface and If I need to move it I do so with two hands and carry the system by the bar like a handle. This way no pages fall off or get damaged.

This system works very well to hold just papers, embellishments, sewing patterns, and so many other things.  I used to keep my stamps in binders in the same plastic pages, but I soon ran out of binders and space.  This system actually takes up less room than my previous collection of binders.  It is also quicker to access.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and let me know your comments below,  Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions as to what other Fake it Friday posts you might like to read, let me know.  Thanks for viewing.

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