Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WOYWW First Time!

Hey, Im doing a WOYWW for the first time!  It's a post about What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  How fun is that?  I saw this on the net and thought why not! It might be fun and a way to encourage me to get my creative mojo moving.  So here goes nothing....

Ooooh!  Nah.  I know, dark and depressingly boring today.  What's on my desk this Wednesday?  Well this is my office desk where a lot of planning ,scheduling, writing and downloading pictures happens.  I prefer to work creatively in my studio/craft cave but a woman's  got to  do what a woman's gotta do.  Today I have spent a lot of time scheduling and planning my assignments for the Design Teams I am on, for the rest of the year.  Soon, unfortunately, summer will end and the homeschool routine will begin.  So I need to prepare myself.  My priority is my family after all.  I also spent some time making labels for my new sets of clear polymer stamps so I can better remember what sets and stamps I used in my projects when it comes to publication time, viewers want to know which and what product was used.  So that is why you see my paper agenda there and a roll of labels.  My desk planner has notes and scribbles on it too with reminders of personal things and a SALE tomorrow at one of my fav. fabric stores!!!  Very Important item.  The pile of cartridges on top of my Cricut were used last week for projects.  There are a bunch of papers waiting to be filed and others to be read.  There is a bottle of glue to remind me about posting my product review for the company.  I have several post it sticky note pads cause I LOVE them and use them every day.  There are a whole bunch of boring office tools and supplies too, because I need them.  The phone is there since no one else seems to hear it ring in my house!  There is a binder with my Art Recipes, at least that is organized. I was forgetting the obvious, my computer!  Duh!  And that is pretty much it.  Next picture below I will show you what my main work desk in my craftier area looks like.

Now this is a bit better.  I show off my messy but happy desk.  I have been making christmas theme projects lately and these are not quite done.  I have been stamping and colouring and glueing on beads, attaching twine, etc.  There's my mini iPad that I use to take photos as I work (theses pictures were taken with my Fuji Camera since I keep it closer to the work work desk.  There's another pair of reading glasses, (I have several all over the house), my most used tools, a scrap bin, my acrylic blocks, baby wipes (I use those constantly as well as a rag), some other little bins that hold bits of scrap ribbons and papers, and another just for all the confetti I tend to make from projects.    So that is that.  I hope you enjoyed.  Thanks for viewing.

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