Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WOYWW: September 11, 2013

WOYWW? What's on MY work desk this Wednesday?  MY CAT!!!!!!   So now what am I supposed to do!?

Thanks to Julia over at The Stmping Ground blog for coordinating this whirlwind tour every week.

This picture is from my kitchen work nook.  I have this little space set up because for a few years I needed to be in the main part of my house so I could be available for my son's and the therapists that were in and out of our house.  We were also having lots of renovations going on and having to be there to answer EVERY question and to supervise EVERYBODY made it that my basement work area was just not practical.  I still use it now so I can prepare meals and work on a project at the same time.  It obviously makes for a great spot for our cat to hang out too!  This space is really small and squeezed in between the door, a window, at the end of a hall way and next to our eating area.  If someone needs to go in or out I have to get out of the way!  I also use the steel door as a magnetic board where I have metal spice jars with office supplies in them.  Those magnets are quite strong because my door is slammed a lot by the males in the house and those jars stay on anyways.  The building of this work space required several trips to Michaels with coupons and sales.  As My kitchen is decorated with my collection of vintage chickens I continued that theme in my work area and utilized some pieces in a very practical manner.  There are chicken shaped baskets that hold ephemera and rags, the chicken egg separator holds twine, the old spoon holder with the chicken on top is my brush holder, I also have a faux topiary in the shape of a chicken on a shelf and several other little ceramic bowls and platters with those chickens that hold other supplies.  I almost forgot, I use a chicken black iron napkin holder to hold up some art journals on the tiny desk.

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