Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WOYWW, September 25 2013

It is Wednesday and time for a peek at work desks of the creative kind around the world.  I am a little late to the game today, but hey, I m here now!  Technology is great when it works well, and that means updating it every once in a while.  Let's just say my whiles tend to be long.

Anyways, here is a peek at what I am up to right now:

I have a deadline to meet and I have to do this of course the week after I was ill and got back logged.  This week I had technological issues with every electronic I use in my craft and I spent many many hours working out those issues with some very nice customer support people in various companies!  I feel so proud of myself for having gotten through all the techno mumbo jumbo.  Now it is time to actually make something!!!  I much prefer the hands on aspect of art and craft making, you know getting my hands dirty feeling, over sitting for hours at my computer with a telephone wedged between my ear and shoulder, while I have to also use my devices and cell phone to get my office/studio to run.  Not to mention be supermom and save the world from catastrophe because there are no  snacks left in the house!!!!!

On the , tiny clear spot on my work table is a card I am working on for one of the Design Teams I am on (Get Inky!) it will have some of the cutest stamped images of pumpkins, candy corn and a broom, just perfect for the season and upcoming celebrations in this neck of the woods.

Again, thanks to Julie for organizing this world wide exhibit of crafty madness.  After you are done here and you have been so kind as to leave me a comment (of course I will do my best to do the same), go see what Julie and the rest of this group is up to.  Thank you so much for visiting today.  :)

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