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Hello Robin's Nest readers!  Welcome to our Recipe Blog Hop.

Hi, I love recipes!  Especially the ones that require very little effort and preferably no cooking! Yes, no cooking.  Because I am talking about my Art Recipes for making my own supplies and what nots. My favourite recipes are the ones I have collected over time in my various note books and on scraps of paper.  Let me show you my bare bones recipe collection for making my own crafty supplies before and then after a transformation.

Here is my beat up repurposed binder and a notebook.  They look pretty beat up, I know.  Luckily I Design for The Robin's Nest Altered Arts Department and I get a lot of really beautiful products to play with.  Being frugal too I save all the luscious scraps after making projects.  Today I will show you how I turned some of those scraps into something pretty and practical.

For the Notebook:
1.  Collect pieces and scraps of scrapbook papers (preferably beautiful thick ones from the Robin's Nest).
2.  Cut them down  into similar shapes and sizes of squares.  It is not important to be accurate, it is meant to be fun.
3.  Place two pieces of paper over a used dryer sheet and stitch down with your sewing machine.  Use the zig zag and other decorative stitches if you have these on your machine.

4.  Add more paper and keep stitching.  Just join another dryer sheet to make your new paper-cloth the size you want it.
5.  Make two panels larger than the size of the covers of the notebook.

6.  Use a large elastic (this one is recycled from some discarded garment) or a band of stretchy fabric wide and long enough to cover the spine of the notebook.  Sew this band to the two pieces of patch work paper-cloth.
7.  Trim the books cover to size and glue to the covers with strong adhesive.

For the Binder:
1.  Remove all glued on papers and tapes and clean.
2. Collect pieces of beautiful scrapbook papers (Robin's Nest) and glue onto a scrap of printer paper in a quilt like format.

3.  Make tab dividers with some scraps and a punch.  Adhere to sections in binder. Make labels and adhere.
4.  Make a pretty label using a die cut or hand drawn and cut.  Create a title with a label maker and adhere to the label.
5.  Decorate the label(s) with some Archival Seeds.
6.  For this type of binder slide in the the new covers under the clear pocket sleeves.  For a different type of binder just glue the papers down to the cover and spine.

Products used from The Robin's Nest:
Rosy Chevron 12 x 12 card stock
 Cherry kisses Archival Seeds
gcpkanim Safari 12 x 12 cardstock
Glitter Numbers 12 x 12 cardstock
Glitter Letters 12 x 12  cardstock
Wedding Words (reverse) 12 x 12 cardstock
Black Herringbone 12 x 12 cardstock

All products are available at:

Other products:
Elastic band 2 inch wide
Adhesive: Beacon
Used dryer sheets

********************************* BONUS **************************************
My recipe for stamp cleaner:

Regular Stamp cleaner; (link to original post with more recipes)
In an empty bottle (shampoo or dish soap) add one part liquid soap or shampoo, one part glycerin, and one part alcohol.  Each part should be about 1/8 cup.  Top off and fill with water.  Shake or mix.  Must be watery.  Transfer into small spray bottles for ease of use.
Please click in each link in the link-up group.  Each link will allow you to travel to each of our design team members blogs, where they are sharing their recipe project.  I am excited to see what they have created.  With every blog, there is a chance to win our Robin's Nest Journal set.  These are perfect for journaling or even storing recipes.  In order to win a prize, you will need to leave a comment on each blog, then leave your final comment on this blog.  Good Luck and Have FUN!
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