Saturday, April 4, 2015

Altered Bird House

Birdhouse for rent!  Beautiful and cheerful little cottage decorated by AnnMakes for The Robin's Nest.

Hello, thanks for coming to my open house to check out this one room beauty that I altered with some pretty products from the Robin's Nest.

I used the Plaid® "Outdoor Mod Podge" to make sure the papers would stick and stay stuck outdoors!  I also used "Quick Grip" adhesive by Beacon which is a super duper glue that withstands the rigours of the outdoors. I do intend on hanging this beautiful bird house in a relatively sheltered area outside, perhaps under the roof's over hang of our house.  Close enough to a window so we can see if we get renters!  And also to entertain our indoor cat. :)

The instructions are fairly simple and involve some basic painting, cutting and pasting.  I list the steps  and the links to the papers and  Dew Drops over at the Robin's Nest blog.

Here are a few more pictures of different angles of the project.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please leave a comment, subscribe to my blog, Youtube channel and follow me around on Twitter!  Nothing creepy though. Have fun crafting this Spring.

Thanks also to Robin's Nest, Beacon, and Plaid® for their contributions.

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