Friday, April 24, 2015

Tip time

Creative Paperclay® as a paste?  It can be done.  Here is another way to use your air drying creative Paperclay® modelling material.  I have not tested this method on other air drying clays, but I assume the results may be similar.

Hi, today I have a quick tip to share with the viewers of the Creative Paperclay ®Modelling Material blog.  As a Designer on their Team I made a canvas a while back and I used the clay as a paste with a stencil to create some relief on my canvas.  It was a bit of a sticky situation!  However, the results were amazing.  I like how the piece I was working on came out feeling like a plaster but it is so light weight.  Anyways, I share projects and how to's along with other fellow Designers over at the Creative Paperclay® blog, just in case you are looking for ideas.

I just wanted to share with my viewers here the idea of looking at and using your own craft supplies in new ways.  It is fun, and economical.

Thanks for stopping by.

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