Friday, April 24, 2015

Pocket Letter Passion

Pocket Letters!  Modern day pen pals who love snail mail and sharing creativity, that's pretty much how I summarize this new to me passion.

Hi, thanks for stopping by today as I share with you yet another creative endeavour of mine.  Well, I did not start this new movement of snail mail crafty peeps, that credit goes over to a lady named Janette who thought this might be a fun thing to do.  Wow, has this ever become popular!  When I first heard about Pocket Letters I was very curious, kinda like a cat would be!!  So, I researched it, signed up to a few groups on the internet and Facebook, and now I need to find another group!  One for crafty people with addictions!!!  Yes, people be warned if you too decide to try out this Pocket Letter Pal thing you too may become addicted.

My intention is to share some crafty ideas over here on my blog of how you too can make some amazing and well appreciated Pocket Letters for your new found friends.  Stay tuned also for some posts I am working on for other sites on this very topic.

In a nutshell Pocket Letters are a form of regular snail mail that you exchange with another person.  You get a nine pocket page protector (like the ones used to hold sports and trading cards)  available though Amazon (Box in right hand side bar)  Then you fill each pocket with something lovely, include some note, trinkets, treats etc.  then you send it off to your Pocket Letter Pal.

Here is a picture of some of the letters I am presently working on for my own Pals.  These are just the backgrounds.

Then here is a picture of a very lovely Pocket Letter I received from one of my new Pals.

This is how I organize my supplies for Pocket Letter making.

Thanks for stopping by, and comeback to see more tips, how to's and shares of beautiful Pocket Letters I will be receiving and making.

UPDATE: sells the ">Sizzix Movers and Shapers ATC card die and the base plate so you can cut out perfect cards for those pockets.
          sells the "> Page protectors too

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