Monday, May 4, 2015

Pocket Size Handmade Notebook

Pocket size notebooks and crafts is what I am  into these days.

Hi, and welcome to today's post about these little pocket size handmade paper notebooks I am making.  I have been interested in making small pieces of crafty goodies that fit inside  those pockets of pocket page protectors, lately.  I am participating and creating in this new trend of Pocket Letter Pals.  So, as I was pondering what project I could make for the Arnold Grummer Design Team and blog this week, and I came up with this:

Here is my handmade paper and sewn pocket size note booklet!

Over at the AG blog I explain the steps and give the links to make your own handmade paper from recycled junk mail.  I also explain how I made this particular note book.

To make something similar to fit into the one or all the nine pockets of a pocket protector page and exchange with one of your pals here are the directions for what you need to do.

1. Select a paper and cut it to measure 5 1/4" by 3 3/4" for the cover.

2.  Select and cut two pieces of paper to measure 5" x 3 1/2" each.

3. Score each of the papers down the centre.

4. Stack the three papers and stitch by machine or hand down the scored centre line.  This will create the spine of the notebook.

Other methods of attaching the pages and cover together include stapling and gluing.

If you are interested in learning how to make handmade paper and recycle some junk mail, visit the AG blog and watch the tutorial videos.

Here is a coupon code for you to use at the AG shop:


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