Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Only How To Pocket Letter Resources You will Ever Need

Pocket Letters people!  Have you heard about these?  What are they?  Well, let me shed some light on this topic.

Once upon a time a sweet blogger named Janette was looking for a way to make her "Project Life" hobby more affordable, and then she thought of using those nine pocket trading card protector pages. Well, that was way back in January 2015, fast forward five months and we are here.  Incredible how  one little spark of an idea  has gone wild!

I heard about this new trendy hobby and thought two things:  What is it? And, do I need another hobby?  Ok, so let's not discuss the obvious answer to the second question, please.  I already answered the first question in a previous blog post that you can read here.  Now, I have even done a guest post on the same subject over here.  I am not done talking about this yet, either!

I am really into making my very own letters in those pocket pages and making new friends as I go.  I am also just making more new things, period!

Last week I was dabbling with some Creative Paperclay® and made what I  think are some really cute paper clips, here.  This week I will be making something else.  Today I am sharing with you my new organization/storage kit for making Pocket Letters.

I already had this tote bag, given to me at CHA back in January.  I had bought these three storage boxes at Dollarama a couple months ago, and I was just saving them for the right project.  The three boxes fit nicely into the bag.  So there you have it my system cost me a grand total of 9$ Canadian!  Not too bad I think.

I left the labels on some of the boxes just to show you where I bought them.  The compartments inside are adjustable and just the right size to store those pocket sized cards, pieces of paper, ephemera, and every other goody I will use to make the letters.

There is even a section in which I have place a bunch of ribbon I made.

In another section there are tiny zip lock type bags that hold a bunch of dies cuts and punched out shapes.

To find your own pals to exchange with just go on Facebook and type in Pocket Letters.

So what types of ephemera and trinkets  can we include in our pockets?  Hmmm, the sky is the limit!  Well, maybe the size of the pocket is the only limit!  Most people like to swap samples of supplies and Tea bags the most.

Here is a list of some things I have included in the pockets:
a quote
a letter
a few questions for my pal
a brief explanation of what pocket letter is
my information, so the recipient knows that I made it
a tea bag
some candy or chocolate (careful chocolate might melt in hot weather)
hair barrettes
small nail file
washi tape wrapped around a piece of clear plastic (cut from packaging)
a decorative playing card
scrapbook papers
stamped images
paper clips
die cuts
colourful safety pins
tiny clothes pins
small pencil

Let me know what you have included and what you would like for me to make to go inside these pockets.  Have fun and stay crafty!

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