Thursday, July 2, 2015

Are we Collectors or Hoarders?

Last year I wrote this article for the Mixed Media website Are we Collectors or Hoarders? and it got a lot of attention, as it seemed to resonate with many people!  Fast forward to this year and I am asking myself that question again.  Maybe it is due to the bad weather we have been having and that I am stuck indoors more than I would like.  Being stuck inside after such a cold winter, I am STILL dealing with that "cabin fever" thing, usually reserved only for winter.

Maybe it is due to the fact that I work out of my basement and I feel the need for more light.  Then it may be due to the fact that walking towards my actual studio has involved getting through a small obstacle course  on a narrow trail!   So on my country's national holiday, Canada Day, I attacked some of that clutter.  After all it rained most of the day, then it got windy, and a lot of festivities were postponed or cancelled.  We did not even do our annual family fireworks.

Today I can see some of my long forgotten laminate flooring. I am also encouraged to purge some more!  And I have contracted out some lighting and shelving work.  i.e.. if the weather is not nice on the weekend my husband will be installing those shelves and lights!

So I will purge a bit more today in between getting my son to and from appointments, business calls and post writing.  Hoping I will get a bit of sunlight near the end of the day!  After all I need to stay on track of being a very good collector and not a hoarder! LOL.

If you want to chuckle at me or yourself just go check out what I wrote : Are we Collectors or Hoarders?

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