Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Helping Artist Program

Artists deserve a little help when it comes to supporting their creativity.  I am pleased to be part of the DecoArt Helping Artist program and I want to let all of you know about this amazing opportunity.

Earlier this summer I attended the DecoArt New Product Presentation Training Program for Creative Professionals just outside of Toronto, Canada.  For me this involved a 6 hour drive!  I was already on my way there to attend a conference so I felt that the trip was justified.  At the end of the day my small fee was definitely justified!  Just what I received in product covered my costs, so everything else was a big bonus. I learned about all the products that Deco Art makes and sells as part of the training.  Better I learned about how to use the majority of the products!  I had no idea the company made so much stuff, and that I have been buying it for years already!  Isn't it funny how you can be using something and never realize where it comes from?  Even funnier is how after decades of working with all sorts of mediums I still can learn new things!

One of the most valuable things (For me) to learn was about the Helping Artist Program.  It is a program intended to do exactly what it claims: it helps artists.  There is an application for artists who can justify their needs from the program.  I would like to add here, please please please be kind and do not abuse of the generosity of the company.  Artists need all the help they can get and we need more programs like this one, so be thoughtful and only ask for what you REALLY need.

I am sincerely loving the line of Mixed Media Mediums: DecoArt Media.  The fluid acrylics are artist quality and a pleasure to work with, and I personally appreciate their prices! All the mediums are of a wonderful quality.  I have made and I am making many many more projects with these awesome products.  Check out their web sites there is so much information, lots of FREE videos, great Designers, and don't forget about their wonderful programs.

Periodically I have projects here to share with you where I use a lot of Deco Art products as well.

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