Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mod Podge® Book Review

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing  a Leisure Arts ® publication titled:  Mod Podge® Family Activities Easy projects to craft together.  A soft cover 32 glossy pages book,  a lot of photographs, and well-written instructions to make 12 projects or more.  The authors also provide a good explanation of exactly what Mod Podge® is,  all the varieties available, how best to use the products, and some basics of how to do Decoupage.

Mod Podge® is a product made by the Plaid® company, for use in adhering paper and/ or fabric to most surfaces.  The products work as a glue, a sealer, and a finish.  There are different types of Mod Podge® sold, and a chart indicating which products are for which application is provided on page 4.

The projects presented include;  "Personalized Birthday Plates, a Book Birdhouse, Craft Stick bracelets, Jar Lid Bigs, A Monogram Frame, Tin Pail, Photo Blocks, Collage Letters, Picture Plaques, Pillowcase, Glow-in-The-Dark Mummy Pumpkin, and a Family forever Wreath."  Patterns are included as well.

Lil' Bug I made.

The instructions are clear and easy to understand, and there are lots of tips included.  Each project provides a "Shopping List" of recommended products and tools.  All of the recommended products are usually found in major craft supply stores and Department stores that sell arts and crafts materials.

                                                                       Sign I made.

I read through the entire book and found it to be well written and presented.  I tried making a few of the projects from the book too.  I found all of the steps well explained, and the instructions clear.
I find this to be an excellent crafting activity book to be used as part of a family's activities, a group of children in a club or school setting, and it is a good book to initiate adults to the art of Decoupage.

The book was given to me free of charge by Leisure Arts®.  The Plaid® products that I used were also given to me by Plaid®.  The rest of the supplies and tools used in the making of my projects came from my own collection.  I have not been financially compensated for this review.

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