Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer Studio

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Hello.  How does one enjoy our short summers when one has to work in a one windowed basement studio?  The answer:  move outside.  Short of actually setting up a tent in my backyard to be able to enjoy some beautiful weather still while working, I did the next best thing.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have been cleaning up and Redoing my "Florida Room" (that's what the real estate broker called it)  screened porch into my temporary Summer studio.  See the video here (

                                           A before view, commencement of hosing down.

It is still a work in progress as life is keeping me occupied with, well, life!  The room consists of one expansive wall of tall screens about 12 feet high and 30 feet long.  There is a door to go outside to the backyard as well.  The east and west end of the room are accessible through two of the house's bedrooms via French doors.  The center of the north wall is available from the main part of the house via sliding glass doors in our primary living area.  So this room is visible from the entire dwelling and allows us a great view of the woods at the edge of our property.  The light that comes into the house all year long is incredible and helps make our gloomy winters less gray.

The room has a ceiling that is the roof overhang, so it is already partially insulated.  Three of the walls are the outside of the house.  There is electricity, and running water too.  The floor is carpet over a poured concrete base. So it's a great room for three seasons.

 Mind you here in this northern hemisphere of a freezer our winters officially begin December 20th or so and go until March.  However, in reality, Winter sometimes starts as early as October and may linger into May.  Ugghhh!  It gets cold here ok.  Like freezing.  When we get to minus 30, it doesn't matter if its metric or imperial!!!  There is no way I can have my studio set up permanently in there, as everything would freeze up.  We have to turn off the water by October just in case the water in the pipes would freeze outside.  But I love this room and want to enjoy it as much as possible.  So every spring I clean it up and set up my temporary studio and office space in it.  It is a lot of work because of all the dust, and pollen that accumulates on all of the surfaces and that need to be cleaned up.  As luck would have it, this year was an exceptional year for the sticky yellow pollen that sticks to everything.  The season began early and lasted up into the last few days of June!  I had to clean this room more than three times from top to bottom before I could do any painting.

Some before pictures of the yucky dirt:

                      Another BeforePicture. So much dust, pollen, and tired looking furniture.

The Make Over Begins:
                                         Having the "Right" tools for the job makes it easier.

                                          Homeright FinishMax Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

                                                   Set up of HomeRight Spray Shelter.

Bye Bye ugly table!

The before and after.

                                                                The inspector inspects.

                                                     Hmmm, next time, remember to  wear closed shoes.

Thank you to HomeRight for their generous gift of the FinishMax Fine Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer, and Spray Shelter.  To view and purchase these products you may go here.  NOTE:  I will not be compensated financially for this.

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