Thursday, August 11, 2016

Knitting Loom Review

*The Leisure Arts® Oval Knitting Loom was given to me to try by the Leisure Arts® company.  Given that I am a lover of handmade, all things crafty, and just plain creative I was game.  Now, mind you I would not proclaim myself to be the world's greatest knitter or crocheter.  However, I do know the fundamental basics of both, and I have done many projects.  I also own other looms which I have either learned to like or not like so much!  I can honestly report that I do like the Oval Looms by Leisure Arts.  It is easier to knit on this model of a loom.  The oval shape for some reason is just simpler to hold and manipulate.  I cannot explain the ergonomics behind this, but I just know  I like it, I like it!
The Ultimate Oval Loom Kit(sku# 47833) comes with two looms, a stitching tool (pick), and a book.  It's a 48-page book, not a booklet by the way!  It is full of well written and explained instructions with many clear photographs, and includes links to videos on the company's sites.

I have to admit that my first attempt at creating a project on the larger oval loom was a fail.  In pictures, it looks beautiful.  In real life, though. Well, let's just say I have yet to find the giant with the enormous head that would wear my hat!  LOL.  Full disclosure:  I either knit too tightly or too loose,  95% of the projects I attempt usually require a start over and many gauge samples.

The oval loom is a breeze and a joy to use, once I mastered proper tension.  If you are like me and have weakness in your hands or wrists, this is the tool for you.  My hands tend to cramp up during long knitting sessions with regular needles.  Using the oval loom has helped me to enjoy my hobby for a longer time.
A work in progress.

                                                               Knitting is complete.

                                                   Gathering up the stitches to close the hat.
                                                             All the stitches are secure.

                                                            Time to pull that opening close.

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