Thursday, March 16, 2017

Glass Etching done Easily

Turn some ordinary jars into the cutest craft storage for your own supplies, just like I did. All you need is, a jar!  Ok, I also used some Etching Creme by Etchall®.  A completely new to me product and craft.  If I could learn how to use the product and create within half an hour, so can you!

Here is what I made for this month's Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop:

To begin I followed the instructions that come with the Etchall® Creme, and I viewed the video on how to work with the product.  It is so easy!  I was so excited to say "I can etch glass now!"  I know, this girl gets excited over the smallest things. LOL.

So what is this Etchall®?  It is a product that you just use on a glass surface (as well as other surfaces) to actually etch a design, which gives you this sort of frosty look.  All you need is a hard non-porous surface (glass, mirror, tile, slate) that you want to alter.  A stencil made from a very sticky vinyl, and the Etchall® creme. Note there is a liquid version of Etchall® too meant for dipping.

To make my cute button jar I used a paper punch I own and a piece of the vinyl, and a piece of the transfer film from Etchall® to make my very own special stencil.

It is important to make sure that the glass surface is clean before beginning.  I used some rubbing alcohol and a clean lint free rag to prepare the glass. Then, I applied the vinyl stencil sticky side down on the jar, making sure that there were no bubbles.  To help with that there is a great little squeegee type of tool available from Etchall®.

After the stencil was applied, it was time to add a generous amount of the Etchall® creme.  The coolest thing about working with the product is that it is reusable!  So, your investment goes a long way.  After 15 minutes you just scrape the product back into the bottle.  Once the jar was rinsed under warm water, the stencil could be removed and discarded.  The results were surprisingly good for my second time playing with the Etchall®!

For many how to's and more creative ideas please check out all of the Designer's involved in the hop, and remember to check out Etchall® at the following places.

Thank you so much for viewing, please leave any comments, questions, suggestions below and I promise I will read them all!

Take care and stay crafty!
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