Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Make Mom a Pretty Organizer this Mother's Day

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Today let's alter an organizer for mom that will make her smile every day.  As part of this month's Craft Lightning round, I am sharing my idea for making a Mother's Day gift that can be made in 15 minutes or less.

 By taking an inexpensive acrylic makeup organizer purchased at a Dollar Sore, some glittery decorative tape, and some faux gemstones I created this:

Making one of these is super easy and quick.  I recommend wiping down the sides of the organizer with some alcohol or to clean with soap and water.

 I do this just to make sure that the tape will adhere well to a clean surface.

Once the tape is burnished with just your finger, a spoon, or an old credit card, it is time to apply some sparkling gems.  The embellishments I used already had a sticky backing to them.  It may be best to add a little bit of glue.

Easy peasy!  Now, mom has a cute way to organize some beauty items on the vanity

 or some office supplies on her desk.

I hope that you enjoyed this quick how to and that you can make mom feel special this coming Mother's Day.

Thank you for stopping by, check out the other craft ideas, and come back soon!  Oh, and Stay Crafty!

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