Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mod Podge a Fabric Bowl and Banner

Make your own bowls and sturdy banners out of fabric with the help of Mod Podge®.  Today, I am sharing my project which I made as part of the Designer Crafts Connection (DCC) Blog Hop, where we are honoring Mod Podge's 50 Years!  We are all celebrating this product and the company for its long-standing presence in the Arts and Crafts industry. Visit the Plaid site or more information regarding their wide range of products here.   ****Enter to win prizes, For Us and Canada only****

Did you know that Mod Podge® works with Fabrics?   Well, now you do.  I was excited to receive these products from Plaid®. the Stiffy® product was new to me, but very exciting as I had never tried it before.  I am already familiar with most of Plaid's products, and I have loved using ALL their Mod Podge® formulas over the years.

To make a fabric bowl here is what you need:

Fabric (mine is from Nancy's Notions)
"Stiffy®" Fabric Stiffener from Plaid®
Thread (optional)                                                            
Sewing machine, or Serger/Overlock (optional)

                                                                       Link to video

1.  Select a piece of fabric, cut into a square, taking into consideration the size of the bowl you would like.

2. Cut the fabric into a circle.  There are many ways to do this.  I chose to use the Fiskars® Fabric Circle cutter tool (from Nancy's Notions®).  You can achieve similar results by using any plate or circle template, a pencil and scissors.

3,  I chose to make a rolled hem edge around the circle with myAmerican Home Serger (Nancy'sNotions®).  This is optional, and similar results can be achieved with the zig zag stitch on a regular sewing machine.  You may also just use pinking shears, or leave the edges as is.

4. Soak, or coat the fabric with the "Stiffy®".  Lay the circle over a form to allow it to harden into the shape desired.  Let dry over night.

To make the Banner here is what you need:
Pieces of denim
Pieces of print fabric
Pieces of a solid and contrasting colored fabric
Mod Podge® Decoupage Tracing Templates by Plaid®
Mod Podge® Matte by Plaid®
Mod Podge® Decoupage Brushes (Plaid®)
6 metal eyelets
Kitchen string

1. Place the scallop banner piece from the Mod Podge® Decoupage Tracing Templates.

2.  Place the letter Mod Podge® Decoupage Tracing Templates over the solid color fabric, and repeat.

3.  Measure rectangular pieces that will fit onto the denim pieces.

4.  Adhere the solid letters to the print pieces by brushing some Matte Mod Podge® to both fabrics, and stick together.

5.  Adhere the rectangles to each Denim Banner piece.

6.  Set two metal eyelets per banner.

7.  String the kitchen twine through the eyelets. Hang to decorate.

Remember to check out all of the beautiful and creative projects made by this most talented group.
Let us know what you will "Mod Podge"? Thank you so much for stopping by.


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