Friday, February 15, 2019

Diamond Art Painting with Annmakes

Who knew there were still new crafts out there for me to try and fall in love with?  I tried Diamond Art Painting and I Liked it! Links included below (some affiliate links that pay me too). See it all in the video:


I started a YouTube playlist for Diamond Art as I seem to truly enjoy this new to me craft, and I think some of you do too.

Thanks to LeisureArts for gifting me with "Red Dala Dress."**Affiliate Link Here.

Thanks to Needle Art World for gifting me "Midnight Cat."

Thanks to Wizardi for gifting me "Charm  Dreamcatcher - Pink." Find Wizardi at

Thanks to Plaid for gifting me "ModPodge Ultra"  in Gloss And Matte. I used the Mod Podge Ultra to seal the Diamond Dotz, and I am pleased with the results.  The dotz retained their shine, and once the product was dry it was not sticky! Note this product is not yet available on Amazon.

Stay tuned to see what I make with the Red Dress Diamond Painting.  Thanks for stopping by.


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Colorelaxation said...

Thank you for this very quick and easy tutorial of diamond painting. I’ve been looking for this type of 5D diamond painting tutorial to start with since a very long time. It has helped me a lot to start diamond painting with ease.