Monday, January 19, 2015

A Lovely Little Note

Hi, as you may already know...I am part of the Arnold Grummer Paper Making Design Team.   Which means that I get to play with pulp and make hand made papers and more!  Working on this team means I get to make pulp and squish it, it is therapeutic.  You should try it.  Making your own paper is fun for everyone, young and old.  It's easy too!  you can learn by checking out this  video.

Ok, so today I have a picture of this cute note book that I made for the Arnold Grummer Blog.  I love those sticky notes, I can never have enough and now I have a way to keep a pad safely in my purse.  Arnold Grummer Paper Making company has these kits to make and assemble your own little pads just like this one.  The decorating is all up to you.

I chose to use scraps of left over scrapbook papers to make the cover and inside cover of this book.  I also used the same scraps to make a pulp that I poured into an Arnold Grummer mold.  The hardest part about making this project is waiting for the pulp to dry.  And you can actually speed up the process by using the heat of an iron.

So here is what I used:

Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit available here
Arnold Grummer's Heart and Flower  Mold #705 
Arnold Grummer's Books a la carte! #1603
Scraps of red, white, and pink scrapbook papers.
Double sided 3M adhesive tape
Aleene's Tacky Glue by Duncan Enterprise
Ribbon recycled from a gift
Pastel color pencils by  Generals

A more detailed set of instructions is on the Arnold Grummer blog, here.

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