Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Flower Making so Easy with Little B

Ever wanted to make your own faux flowers?  Today, I am sharing with you how easy it is to make some pretty Mums with a new to me product by Little B, called Pull Flowers.
I was pleased to receive this gift from Little B, a couple weeks or so back, when I attended a Blogger Event at CHA and Imet some very nice people there.  The following day I visited their booth, which was beautiful, and I participated in a make and take where I got to play with a paper version of making your own flowers.  Honestly, I was impressed.  Their products are well made and easy to turn any novice into a Crafting  pro in no time!

Here is a picture of one I recently made:

Here is a video I made of me making the same flower:

Note that I had to re-shoot the video and edit my mishaps, LOL!  Perhaps the following picture of the actual instructions as they are printed on the packaging will alleviate any confusion I caused in my video:

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Have a crafty fun day!

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