Friday, May 24, 2019

Prime Blogger Conference & Haul

What happens when 24 Craft and Food Bloggers go to a conference for two days to learn about being the best Bloggers?  A lot of new friendships are made, and existing ones just create a stronger bond!  You'd think in this dog eat dog, competitive world that the opposite might happen, but not with us, it seems that we believe that collaboration is way more profitable.

So, I went to the Prime Blogger Conference held in Chicago last week, the first ever.  I have to say this was an event not to be missed and if they do it again I highly recommend it if you are a serious blogger and professional crafter or foodie!  The conference fee was well worth every cent.  I got so much out of that investment, more so than other conferences I have attended. Plus, the food and the SWAG was AMAZING!  But did I mention how great this group of bloggers is?  Hello!  If you ever wanted to be in a room filled with talent, this was it!

Below I have a video for you highlighting all the crafty goodness I brought back that will be used in future projects I will share with you!


If you want a fabulous recap of our conference, you might want to check out my friend's blog postCindy deRosier at My Creative Life.

                                              We got to eat Chicago style yummy food!

                                                  Plus we got to play and make stuff too!

The event was sponsored by some fabulous companies that you can check out for yourselves.  See below.

Darn Good Yarn                                                Rust-Oleum

Thermoweb                                                       Tonic studios

DecoArt                                                              Oliso

Leisure Arts                                                       >Morecommerce

FaveCrafts                                                         RecipeLion

                                            *psst, this is the Favecrafts/Recipe Lion kitchen!
Here is the list of the Bloggers in attendance:

    -                                                                   -
    -                                                    -
    -                                                       -
    -                                                          -
    -                                                             -
    -                                                                   -
    -                                                  -
    -                                                                -
    -                                                              -

Thanks so much for stopping by and please check out the links to the bloggers, Prime, and the Sponsors.  You will be so inspired to get your craft on!


Janet Trieschman said...

Love this post - I need to get busy!

Cindy deRosier said...

The conference was awesome. I love how your cat artwork turned out!!

AmyandRose said...

I love conferences such as these where you learn and make new friends.

Uwalls said...

Its a wonderful post and very helpful, thanks for all this information.Thank you so much.