Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to Add Pressed Flowers to a Candle

Pressing flowers to use as art supplies is fun, fast, and free.
Hi, today I want to share with you how I found a way to preserve some of summer's beauty all year round by preserving some blooms from my gardens.  Over at the Arnold Grummer blog where I am a Designer I made this project to show their great Flower Press.  I am after all, an avid gardener in addition to being an avid maker of all things! LOL!  I used some Deco-Page from Deco-Arts (thanks to Tracy at Deco-Arts) to glue and seal those pretty blooms to a plain candle I already owned.

Here is the before:

Now here is the after:

The press, and the flowers I pressed two weeks earlier:

I applied one coat of Deco-Page to use as the glue before I applied the flowers.  I applied a second coat over the flowers to seal them in.  I applied a third and final coat just to make sure everything was sealed in tight.


Flower Press provided by Arnold Grummer
Deco-Page provided by Deco-Art

candle (from my stash)
flowers (from my garden)

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