Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why and How I do What I do

I have been trying to find the answer.... Mind you not THE answer, but rather the most  efficient way to answer  these two questions:  What do you do ? Followed by the other ultimate question:  What is your blog about?  I have no problems in sharing what I have done by the end of each day, and believe me the list is exhausting.  The challenge for me is to summarize it all in one neat package, or into the so in demand "30 Seconds Elevator Speech"!  

So I say: "I am a Mixed-Media Artist, Designer, Writer, and Teacher, with my own Blog and YouTube Channel. My diverse skills and creativity enable me to find solutions and grow companies'  brands".

To anyone else who has more than 30 seconds I say something like this: "I just love to make things", and what I do is...For one, obviously, I Blog.  Which means I write and send my words out into the world not knowing but guessing that some of you are actually interested in what I have to say.  I tend to blog about the things I make with my own hands.  I do this because for one it is a diary of my public and creative work.  Second, because I love to read about how other people make things, so I do the same. Third, I share because I care, seriously.  I care about leaving a positive imprint on this earth, even if it is a tiny one such as mine.  If I can share something that will have a positive impact on just a few people then yeah for me! Fourthly, I blog so I can get some free stuff and sometimes money.  Mind you this is so not a lucrative job, and by no means does it support me and my family.  The free stuff is fun, but I usually have to work pretty hard to get that. The fifth reason I Blog is for the exposure.  Yup it is a big word these days.  The reality is it doesn't matter how talented someone is to determine their level of financial success, but who they know.  You, my followers are the reason companies give me stuff to play with.  They do expect me to make nice things, take great photographs, write well, and do alot of social media sharing.    However, even if I make such an outstanding masterpiece, they still will not pay me more for it.  Making great projects is just good advertising. I tell the world look what I can do,  I can do the same or better with your product.

The second thing I do is make videos.  That is pretty self explanatory, and the reasons are pretty much the same as for Blogging.

Thirdly I teach.  Whether I teach one on one, a large group, or an intimate class, online and in person.  I can teach many subjects, creative, and academic.

Fourth, is my writing.  Well, duh I blog so I write, but I also write for publication. There are websites, print magazines, e- newsletters, and more.

Number five is  that I am a Designer.  I create projects from the ground up.  I take an idea, a concept, a smidgen of inspiration and devise a plan.  I think, a lot,  I often sketch something, I always make notes and I plan on executing a project.  Those plans might be shared with another Designer who elaborates on my ideas with her own ideas.  Other times I literally Draw a plan, make a pattern, write instructions and make a sample.

Finally, I am a Mixed Media Artist.  Now this one often makes my non creative acquaintances give me that inquisitive look!  I mean, I create art, and craft in various mediums while using my many skills.  I draw, paint, sew, knit, crochet, make jewelry, work with clay, make paper, make cards, and scrapbook.  Often I do a combination of many of these and make one piece of Art.

Essentially I hustle.  My average day is nothing close to average, I plan weeks in advance and always go over what I have accomplished on my list for the day and look ahead to the next day. As each day starts I inevitably have to deal with a new situation that arises, and plug that into my already busy schedule, and that is my normal.  I begin each day like most women in my age group with teenagers, a husband, and a pet.  I deal with my family's needs first, I see to my household obligations, and then I get my coffee and get on the computer.  I quickly check for urgent emails, I go through all the blogs I am responsible for and go sharing on social media.  I check my agenda and to do lists and either go into the studio to work on a project or I stay at my computer and write. I f Iam lucky I just create on a long uninterrupted streak and get something done.  Most of the time though I stop several times and create in steps.  There's the creating part, and then there is the photography and editing part followed by the uploading, blogging, emailing and snail mailing of my creations.  My work may need to be approved, or will need tweaking before it goes "public".  Now once my work is out there then I have to promote it.  The entire time I am doing all these things I am always looking for the next contract or project.  I network,  learn new things, upgrade my skills, manage my business and so on.  I do just create for myself, I have to, every now and then.  I usually incorporate business with pleasure, because everything is a creative opportunity.

And that is what it's all about, being creative.

Thank you.

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