Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How To Get Started in Crafting

How do you get started in crafting?  Well, some of us just jump right in and buy everything in sight.  Others are hesitant and will research and question to make sure they buy only the best.  Today I want to share with you some pearls of wisdom I have personally gained over my many years of crafting.

First off I want to say that the point of this post is to show you a few items that I have invested in and that have served me very well for many many years.  As a multi-crafter (I do several different crafts) I really like to invest in tools and products that will serve me well across multiple types of creating.  I invested in tools made by Creative Memories when they first came to Canada, and these tools still work perfectly.  My absolute favourites and I swear by the quality are all their cutting tools.  New versions are available again online including in Canada as of this week!

As an artist/crafter/teacher/writer and more I also need to be very organized.  I believe in investing more time and some money in a system that works for me, not for everybody else.  So that is key, people.  What works for me may not work for you!

In my very large and stuffed craft room or studio....(IE. my basement) I have different zones dedicated to different crafts.  There is an "Office" zone where I have my computer, printers, and electronic die cutting machines that link to a computer.  In that zone there are also all my business files, office supplies, and a bunch of business related  paraphernalia.
Next there is the "Photography" zone where I have lights and a set up to take photographs of my finished projects.  The more fun zones are the "Sewing",  "Needle crafts", "Jewelry Making", "Messy Making ", "Drawing", "Cutting", "Die Cutting", "Work Bench with power tools", and the "General Crafting and Scrapbook Making ".  I know that seems like a lot, but this system allows me to maintain some order and organize my tools and supplies to each task  as needed.

Within these zones I use a lot of different organizational products.  One thing I love to use are those plastic drawers in a tower that can be wheeled around.   They come in different sizes of drawers and colours.  I like to use mainly white and clear containers however I do invest in specific colours for specific supplies.  For example, in the "Sewing" zone I organize my vast collection of threads using these multiple coloured drawers.  Each drawer
holds threads in the same colour family as the drawer.
Thanks for stopping by and let me know in the comments what other "How To's" you are interested in.

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