Friday, June 26, 2015

How to Mend Projects made of Creative Paperclay®

Fix your cracked and warped Creative Paperclay® Air Dry Modelling Material projects with a little bit of water, some heavy weight, and a lot of patience!

Hi, thanks for stopping by today and checking out how I get myself out of a near crafting disaster, every now and then.  Yup, I make boo boos and I turn them into Creative Opportunities!  I share my tip for repairing a nearly failed project made with Creative Paperclay® over at the CP blog with pictures.  Basically what happened and still happens is that I have learned how to reduce the quantity of disasters I make in my studio.  Note I said "REDUCE" not eliminate!

So here is the short version.  I wanted to use a piece I had made a while back that I had forgotten on the back of a shelf.  By the time I remembered about this piece it had warped, chipped and cracked.  I did not want to go through the process of starting over so I tried to fix what I had.  By golly, it worked!

Success!  So that is why I am sharing this with all of you.  My piece of air dry modelling material was rescued with some water spritzed on the back, a heavy object from my studio placed over it.  I also placed a piece of plastic (old lid) between the two, and patience.  That's it.  The warped piece went flat again.

To deal with the crack on this large and thin piece I decided to adhere it to a piece of scrap scrapbook paper with someDecou-Page by Deco-Art.  I love that stuff!   Now I can move the whole piece safely and decorate and alter it any way I need to for future projects.  Here I show how I started to do just that.

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Remember there are no figures in the studio,  just "Creative Opportunities".

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