Friday, August 30, 2013

Fake it Friday, August 30

Hi everyone.  Today's FIF is brief, just have one hand to do my work, the other one was hurt.

Ok, so you know how working with glitter can be messy at times.  you try to capture the extra on a sheet of paper or in a tray, but there is always glitter that gets everywhere.  I found a trick to pick up that stray glitter that is cheap and cheerful. I have used those sticky back tape like lint brushes, damp cloths, wipes and a little hand held vacuum.  Now I use a silicone egg cup from the dollar store.  Actually any silicone type coaster or flat surface item will do, as long as it picks up that glitter.  You then rinse it under water and your glitter picker upper is good to go for another time.

I bought these at the dollar store in the cooking utensils section.  They are sold two in a pack and are called egg poachers.  I like how my hand fit nicely and made cleaning a lot easier (picture was taken before injury).

I hope that you enjoyed this brief but hopefully helpful tip for FIF.  Thanks for viewing.

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