Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WOYWW August 28

It's that time of the week where we get to show What's on Our Work desks Wednesdays.  Thanks to Julia over at The Stamping Ground for organizing this EVERY week.

My day is starting just now, I am behind today... I woke up to this incredible fog outside, very eerie!  I had to force myself out of bed, hmm maybe some putting around my studio will wake me up.  So here is a pic of what I left my desk looking like yesterday following a crazy two day crafting one project.  Some times what seems like a quick project ends up taking a lot more time.

Frankly, this does not look impressive.  I tend to clean up as I go making piles of the same left overs and crap.  I then put away and toss.  I am keeping those used baby wipes for some other project, not sure what , but if anyone has any suggestions please share.  Those are wipes I used to clean the inks off my hands, nothing nasty.  Now that they are dry they look so sheer and pretty, seems like a waste to just throw them out.  The card stock on the left can be saved too, I will cut those up into same size swatches and have them ready for other projects that require a small piece.  The balls of yarn will go back into my stash they are already left over from some ancient knitting projects and happened to be the right colour for my project.  There is my tall latte and breakfast cookie, very much needed.  The rest of the clutter on my desk is the organized mess I uses constantly.  :)  So what was I making, you might ask?  I  made a Happy Birthday banner.  Of course I can not show you the entire thing as it is waiting to be published next week or so.  I can tell you though it is BIG.

Here is a really bad picture of it, just to give you an idea.
Well, thanks for stopping by and I lok forward to peeking into the other WOYWWers later today and tomorrow.

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